Guide to play Asian handicap of 1 goal in football betting

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Football betting is a very familiar form of entertainment for many players today. When participating in football betting, you will have extremely relaxing moments and increase income for yourself. However, to make a profit when playing football betting, you need to understand the concept of the Asian handicap of 1 goal and how to play various types of bets. Refer to the following article by Wintips to gather more useful information.
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What is the Asian handicap of 1 goal?
The Asian handicap of 1 goal is a quite common betting method used by many major bookmakers nowadays. Bookmakers use this type of handicap to create balance within a match when two teams have differences in skill level, squad quality, etc. When participating in football betting, there are two main forms of handicaps: money handicap and goal handicap.
The lowest goal handicap level will be 0.25 or also known as a quarter goal handicap. Based on these handicap levels, bookmakers will provide odds to create balance in the betting process. Among these, the handicap of 1 goal is applied more frequently. When playing this handicap to conclude a match, there will be three possible outcomes:
- If the 1-goal handicap is applied, and the upper team wins by a 1-goal difference, both teams will tie in terms of betting.
- If the upper team wins by a 2-goal difference, the player betting on the upper team wins.
- If the lower team wins or draws, the player betting on the lower team wins.
In addition, other types of handicaps must also be mentioned, such as the half-goal handicap, the over/under 1-1.5 handicap, and many other diverse betting options.
Example 1: Regarding the calculation of the Asian handicap of 1 goal
Lazio faces Torino in Serie A. The main Asian handicap of the match is Lazio giving Torino a 1-goal handicap. You place a bet and choose Lazio to win the handicap with $100, the odds will be 0.83. After the match concludes, there are three possible outcomes:
- Lazio wins the match with a difference of 2 goals or more (2-0, 3-1, 4-1, etc.). You win the bet and receive $83 (you get back the $100 bet and win $83).
- Lazio wins the match against Torino by a 1-goal difference (1-0, 2-1, etc.), and you will get back the $100 bet as it's a tie.
- Lazio draws or loses the match against Torino, and you lose the bet, losing the entire $100 wagered.
Example 2: About calculating the handicap of 1 ball
Atletico Nacional meets Alianza Petrolera in the Colombian national championship. The main Asian handicap for this match is Atletico Nacional giving Alianza Petrolera a 1-ball advantage. You choose the underdog Alianza Petrolera and place a $100 bet at odds of 0.97. When the match ends, three possibilities arise:
Alianza Petrolera draws or wins against Atletico Nacional. You win the bet and receive $97 (getting back the original $100 and earning $97 in profit).
Alianza Petrolera loses to Atletico Nacional by a one-goal difference. You get your $100 bet back as a draw.
Alianza Petrolera loses by two or more goals to Atletico Nacional. You lose the bet and lose $100.
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Key points to note when playing with a 1-ball handicap:
In a 1-ball handicap, the likelihood of the favorite winning the bet is superior. However, there are several scenarios investors need to consider:
Although the favorite is strong, if they are playing as the away team, choosing the favorite might have a higher chance of winning.
The home team gives the handicap. Players should pay attention to the form of both teams and the pitch conditions before placing the bet.
Gathering match information:
The first thing you shouldn't overlook when betting on a 1-ball handicap is spending time gathering and analyzing match information for a basis in betting. The more information you gather, the better your chances of making successful bets. Specifics such as standings, head-to-head history, current form, goal-scoring efficiency, starting lineups, substitutes, outstanding players, coach's tactics, weather, home or away team...
Observing and updating odds regularly:
Observing odds fluctuations before the match is a crucial tip that experienced bettors apply, yielding relatively good results. Nowadays, most bookmakers prioritize their interests, hence frequently changing the odds to trap players. If you don't observe and stay updated with odds changes, you're likely to fall into traps and lose your bet.
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All the fundamental information about the 1-ball handicap has been compiled in this article. This betting method is gaining popularity. Hopefully, the knowledge we provided here will give you a broader view of this type of bet. Wishing that you can apply these insights effectively in your betting endeavors.

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